Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Behind the scenes

Lead stylist Lisa Martinez touches up Joanna who plays Prova secretary, Frida.
Tony Gapastione, as Isaac, rehearses lines.
Kamal Moummad drove up from LA to be a part of the project in Redwood City. He uses his illustrious French accent to give the film some culture.

Leelee Jackson supported the film by bringing a car full of friends from Sacramento to play Prova Testers!
Filming underwater scenes---some of the best parts of the film!
Jack Weslie styled himself and did research in the Tenderloin for his part.
You never know when you'll become a star. Derek Balavac, originally from the Bay Area, lives in Portland and happened to visit set to say hi to his friends. The next thing he knew he was getting hair & make-up done to jump in a scene.

Liesha Schmidt was script supervisor & ran slate.
Tony and Gabe Lomeli (Blanco) in between scenes waiting for cameras to roll.
The Prova board room.